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Qingdao International Ocean Science and Technology Exhibition (OST) showcases the effort made by Qingdao Blue Valley to carry out the ocean international exchange and cooperation, play out the maritime initiatives of Qingdao, hammer out the Shandong Province’socean-based reinforcement plan, and build up its ocean international cooperation platformfor the "Belt and Road" so as to carry out the ocean-based country-boosting strategy of general secretary Xi Jinping.

The Exhibition is a brand exposition in the field of the ocean science and technology. It features the theme of “Explore the ocean with technology; Fulfill the dream with innovation”with the purpose to create the largest and most influential ocean scien-tech communication platform, tradeachievement platform and the product exhibition platform. With the support and assistance from the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Ministry of Transport, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the China Shipbuilding Industry Group, China Ocean University and other ministries, state-owned enterprises and universities, OST has attracted each year nearly 500 scientific research institutions, universities, and enterprises, accounting for nearly 12,000 professionals, from many countries and regions.

Exhibition Areas and Exhibited Scope

Exhibition Area of Sea-related Research Institutes:
Sea-related scientific and technological achievements and research projects, technological innovation experiments, R&D institutions and educational institutions, covering the cutting-edge areas of marine scientific research.
Exhibition Area of Marine Exploration Technology and Equipment:
Deep-sea environmental and resource hydrographic technology; deep-sea exploration technology and equipment; marine scientific equipment and services; marine hydrographic vessels; marine unmanned underwater vehicles; marine buoys, underwater sensor networks; marine sensing technology and equipment; marine observation equipment and other related equipment and technology.
Exhibition Area of Marine Information Technology and Equipment :
marine information, big data, communication exhibition area; navigation and communication system, underwater camera, acoustic detection; optical telex sensor; remote sensing telemetry; vibration detection system; underwater connector; marine cable, marine electronics and network technology, smart ocean, submarine communication material manufacturing, etc.
Exhibition area of Marine Farms and Aquaculture Technology and Equipment :
Breeding technology and equipment; marine cultivation platform and berthing; fishing tools and technology; breeding technology, feed and additive products, vaccines, net boxes, net tools, working crafts and other facilities and testing technology; deep-water aquaculture services, processing, packaging, preservation technology and equipment; processing technology and equipment.
Exhibition Area of Marine BerthingTechnology and Equipment :
Marine berthing engineering and equipment, berth design, on-board equipment; berthing operation and management, berth repair; port machinery, wharf engineering, channel dredging, beacons and buoys, maritime rescue, protection and protection equipment; marine environmental facilities and equipment, lubrication, paint and coatings, slip ring systems; computer systems, berth grading and inspection, classification society; biology; deep-sea transportation technology and equipment, etc.
Exhibition Area of Marine Energy,Oil and Gas Utilization Technology and Equipment :
Marine energy technology and equipment; offshore oil and gas rig, offshore wind power technology and equipment; marine construction; submarine pipeline; submarine electric (optical) cable engineering; marine anticorrosion engineering; submarine technology and equipment of construction, geophysical exploration, well exploration, drilling; deep sea mining and processing technology and equipment; marine technology and equipment of renewable energy and chemical resource development.
Exhibition Area of Desalination Technology and Equipment :
Desalination pipeline, desalination membrane materials and components; energy recovery device; high pressure device; comprehensive utilization of concentrated salt water; extraction and utilization of seawater chemical elements, etc.
Exhibition Area of General Marine Technologies and Equipment :
Manufacture of protective coatings for berth, manufacture of marine waterproof materials, manufacture of marine environmental pollution treatment materials, manufacture of deep-water diving fiberglass fittings, manufacture of special deep-sea sensor materials, manufacture of deep-sea submersible case materials, manufacture of light-weight high-strength ceramic deep-sea detection materials, manufacture of marine acoustic rubber products, manufacture of submarine special steel cable, and underwater robot and other equipment and technology.

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Highlights of the Exhibition

  • The meeting of global ocean institute leaders is heldto build up partnership in marine science and technology. Discussions on artificial intelligence in relation to the new-generation marine technology are undertaken to boost the development of the ocean economy and the simulation of a high-performance earth system.

  • The 2020 National Maritime Information Industry Development Summit is based on the national strategic needs and focused on the frontier of marine information science and technology. With in-depth discussions, it will promote the high-quality development of China's marine information industry.

  • The 4th Forum on Ocean Mobile Platform Observation and Exploration Technology will be centered on current ocean observation technology to conduct systematic research and discussionon ocean observation and exploration technologies in an all-bearing, multi-angle, and cross-field approach.

  • Cooperation of China Qingdao Blue Economic International Talents and Industry-Academy-Research Cooperation Conference is hosting a series of talent project meetings, summit forum, and high-level professional blue-economy tours.

  • The 13th URC International Marine Robot Competition is held to promote the cooperation between government, industry, education and research institutes in the fields of artificial intelligence, marine robot, marine science and technology, and so on.

  • 100 industrial medias, 5 major social medias and 2 international media are to offer full coverage.

  • There are 21 first-tier coastal urban marine industrial parks, maritime service agencies, government departments of marine industry and 15 state scientific research institutes participating in the exhibition to share latest scientific research achievements and technologies. 28 local research institutes will visit in groups to build a one-stop purchasing platform.

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